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Planning and Prepping Concrete in Incline

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When you need top-quality concrete and cement in Incline, Tahoe or Truckee, California, you can't beat TNT Materials. Of course, the quality of the concrete that is used is just one piece of the puzzle. The concrete has to be applied correctly for optimal results. Learn more about the proper planning and preparation of concrete below.

Tips for Planning and Preparing Concrete

Many factors go into producing quality results with concrete and cement:
  • Thickness – Generally, 4 inches suffices for everyday projects such as driveways and patios, but 6 inches should be used for heavy vehicles.
  • Excavation – Only dig as deep as necessary, and carefully remove leaves, roots and other debris.
  • Isolation – Wherever concrete will meet an existing slab or building, install expansion joint material for proper isolation.
  • Specifications – Use concrete mixes from TNT Materials to ensure that they have the right strength, slump and admixtures for your application.
  • Strength – If concrete will be exposed to freezing and thawing, aim for 3,000 psi compression strength.
  • Slump – A slump of 4 inches is recommended.
  • Compaction – Proper compaction must be performed to prevent settling or variations in thickness.
  • Forming – Two-by-fours may be used as forms. Stake them firmly to the ground while giving consideration to slope for drainage.
  • Admixtures – Admixtures such as retarders and water reducers may be used to optimize results.

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While it's important to keep the above points in mind, it's even more crucial to use quality concrete and cement. TNT Materials is here to supply it. We've served the local area for nearly 50 years and are ready to help, so call us today at (530) 582-3600.