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Finishing, Curing and Drying Concrete in Tahoe

Finishing work on basement of a building
If you're looking for high-quality cement and concrete in Incline, Truckee and Tahoe, California, TNT Materials has you covered. From there, though, it's crucial to take the right steps to properly finish, cure and dry the concrete for optimal results. Since we are the local experts on concrete, we are pleased to offer you advice about achieving great results for any given project.
More than anything, however, the quality of the mix designs that are used can make or break a project, so be sure to get what you need from us. In the meantime, read on for tips on properly finishing, curing and drying concrete.

Top Tips for Finishing, Curing and Drying Concrete

  • Finishing – Once the concrete has been poured, it must be properly finished. Bull floating or floating with steel troweling may be used. Today, options such as texturing, tinting and pattern stamping concrete are increasingly popular for finishing concrete too.
  • Curing – Curing is perhaps the most important step of all, because it's what gives the finished product its strength and durability. Curing is all about using hydration to harden the materials, which occurs due to reactions between cement and water. The surface must be kept moist, and this is typically done with a liquid membrane. Expect a curing period of five to seven days.
  • Drying – Concrete needs to be dried in warm air. Therefore, projects must be scheduled for periods when temperatures will consistently remain above 40 degrees for at least one month. Ideally, there should then be another month without freezing temperatures.

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